Aims and ideals of Neo-Humanist Education

 Develop the full potential of every child in all aspects – physical, mental 
      and spiritual.

 Awaken a thirst for knowledge and love of learning.

 Provide the child with the skills and resources needed to meet life’s 

 Equip students with academic and other skills necessary for the successful 
      pursuit of higher education.

 Facilitate personal growth in areas including integrity, self-confidence self-
      discipline, and co-operation.

 Assist children in recognizing responsible actions and their consequences.

 Encourage students to become active and responsible members of society.

 Develop physical well-being and mental capabilities through the use of
      yoga postures, focussing and centering activities, sports and play.

 Develop a sense of aesthetics and culture through drama, dance, 
      music and art. 

 Promote an awareness of ecology in its broader sense: i.e. the realisation of 
      the inter-relatedness of all things, and to encourage respect and care for all 
      living beings.

 Encourage appreciation of historic contributions to human society from 
      all people.

 Encourage a universal outlook, free from discrimination based on religion, 
      race, gender, ability or age.

 Offer every child an education with an environmental and self awareness 
      as a holistic approach to life.

 Recognise the importance of teachers and parents in setting an example.